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What is the Startup Blueprint?

and Why is it Important?

Example blog written by John Bell. It contains about 430 words as a reference for future guest bloggers.

Startup businesses are known to fail at a very alarming rate. And it is particularly tough on the first time entrepreneurs (newbies) - even when they have really good business ideas. There are three basic reasons for this: 1) they lack knowledge and experience about how to transform a good idea into a viable money making concept; 2) they don’t know how to develop and run a real business based on a viable money making concept; and 3) they lack essential resources (money, skills, support, and technology) needed to develop a good idea into real marketable products or services that people will actually buy.

About a decade ago, business canvas models were developed to address some of these issues by graphically documenting and organizing the key elements of a successful business to make it easier for a business person to understand the complex interactions that contribute to business success or failure. The best known business canvases are the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas, and they are the conventional standards that people currently use. Unfortunately, both of these models assume a level of business knowledge, experience, and support that newbie entrepreneurs lack. Even experienced business people often don't understand how to use these business models. Typically, months of training and experimentation is required just to learn to use them properly - even more so when a user has no prior business experience or training.. This is why the Startup Blueprint Canvas was developed.

The Startup Blueprint Canvas is designed specifically for first time and inexperienced entrepreneurs and startups. It sequentially guides the user through the entire pre-revenue business launch process, from the initial raw idea to a fully developed and “validated” ready to launch business. The Startup Blueprint is actually THREE canvas models that build upon each other. With the first canvas (Business Concept) your idea is developed and tested to become a viable business concept. The second canvas (Business Design) helps you develop the best business model and strategies for a business based upon your validated Business Concept. The third.canvas (Pre-launch Validation) uses what you have learned in the previous Concept and Design canvases to develop the most suitable product/services, financial models, and strategies needed for a successful launch in your targeted market sector.

This short video helps explain the Startup Blueprint Canvas concept and approach.    

A fully usable free version of the basic Startup Blueprint.Canvas will be available on the Innoception Accelerator website. Just register (at Starting Point) and download each canvas as you need it.

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